I know the server has been "dead" for some time now and it's all about to change! I guarantee you new and exciting features will be added and an abundance of players is soon to come! Bear with us as we fix every little bug, every un professional kink in the server to make the best HypeCraft possible!
I am back from New York and will be working on the server asap. We will be up and running shortly. Thank you for your patience.
Due to an unexpected trip to New York and Aliar's wifi router breaking, we will be delaying the server opening until further notice. If you have any questions, pm me on here or on discord. Thank You!
Solved bugs mate
1. I won a hype sword in a vote crate and it didn't give it too me.
2. I was flying in nether and I was about 15 blocks off the ground. I lagged out and when I rejoined my fly was turned off (as it does) and when I hit the ground I died to fall damage. This is impossible because then after I died and lost everything (stacked 10 zombie armour) I put on another zombie set tried to fall 15 blocks again and I only lost 1 heart.
3. In the end you can fly in combat. I think the problem is the combat tag plugin isn't working in the end because we could do everything in combat in the end.
4. cannons are broken and don't work properly

Thanks, catchy
Welcome, and welcome back to Hype Craft BETA! Over the past years, our server has been getting remade a lot, and it never really was official. Now, we can finally say we are back, and we are here to stay. To all of the new players, Hype Craft is an OP Factions server. It has incredible staff members, that will help you as fast as possible, and to their best ability. Note that this server is in BETA though, and you may encounter some bugs along the way. If you are a returning player, then you will see there are a lot of changes made to our server. Some changes you will notice are going to be listed down below.

Factions, you might want to ally up because KoTH is a very fun, competitive, and hard game in our server. During KoTH, some of the best pvpers try to take over the capture zone for a whole ten minutes. If you get knocked out of the capture zone, the capture time restarts automatically. If you are strong enough to be the king of the hill, you can win some of the best items in the game! Here are the things you are able to win in KoTH:

KoTH Helmet: Protection 25, Fire Protection 25, Projectile Protection 25, Blast Protection 25, and Unbreaking 8.
KoTH Chestplate: Protection 25, Fire Protection 25, Projectile Protection 25, Blast Protection 25, and Unbreaking 8.
KoTH Leggings: Protection 25, Fire Protection 25, Projectile Protection 25, Blast Protection 25, and Unbreaking 8.
KoTH Boots: Protection 25, Fire Protection 25, Projectile Protection 25, Blast Protection 25, Feather Falling 10, Unbreaking 8, and Depth Strider 4.
KoTH Axe: Sharpness 25, Fire Aspect 25, Efficiency 25, and Unbreaking 8.
KoTH Sword: Sharpness 25, Fire Aspect 25, Looting 25, and Unbreaking 8.
KoTH Bow: Power 25, Flame 25, Unbreaking 8, and Punch 3.
1 Hype Key
3 Mystical Keys
64 EGapples


We have a whole new crates plugin! The rewards are better and there are less bugs! There is also better chances to win good things in the crates! We have a Vote Crate, which can be obtained from voting. A Mystical Crate, which can be won from a Vote Crate, Hype Crate, or from capturing KoTH. And last but not least, the best of the best, a Hype crate. A Hype crate can be obtained from the store (, or you can win one of these keys by capturing KoTH.

We figured that our ranks where to much So, we decided to reduce all ranks by 50% and topped it off by adding the new rank EnderDragon! On top of the 50% rank decrease, we decided to add a 50% sale!

New Builds
We were getting tired of our old boring builds :/ So, we decided to get all new ones! Returning players will notice that Spawn, PvP Arena, Nether Spawn, End Spawn, and Shop have all been changed! They are bigger and better, so our server can grow into them.

PvP Tournaments
Last, but very much not least, our PvP Tournaments! These tournaments will consists of: 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v3s, 4v4s, and 5v5s. Some of these tournaments the armor will be supplied, but others, you will have to look into your vaults and see what you will be using to defeat your opponents. The winners of the tournaments will win all sorts of good/OP prizes!

Remember to stay HYPED,
HypeCraft Staff
Note: If your application does not follow this format, it will automatically be DENIED!
If your application is plagiarized, you will be banned from making another application!


1. IGN?

2. Age?

3. Timezone?

4. Are you a donor? (Name, Rank)

5. Do you have Skype/TS/Discord?

6. How long have been playing on HypeCraft?

7. How active can you be per day on HypeCraft?

8. How do you think you can benefit the server by being helper?

9. Have you ever been staff on another server (If so list)?

10. Why would we choose you over other applicants?

11. Tell us about yourself?